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The evolution of soft drink cans

Things change over time. The bloggers at Bold post have catalogued the look of famous soft drink cans throughout the ages.
Though Pepsi got a lot of crap for trying to find a logo that sticked and Coca Cola got a lot of credit for having the same logo after all these years (other than the New Coke fiasco), both their soda can designs have changed dramatically from its humbly sweet beginnings.

23 June 2013      tag: graphic

Introducing a NSA-Proof Font

When governments and corporations are snooping through personal digital messages, it'd sure be nice if there was a font their dragnets couldn't decipher. Designer Sang Mun created ZZX, a disruptive typeface that would be unreadable by text scanning software used by the NSA. The font has six different font styles, each of which is "designed to thwart machine intelligences in a different way."

ZXX is a call to action, both practically and symbolically, to raise questions about privacy. But it represents a broader urgency: How can design be used politically and socially for the codification and de-codification of people’s thoughts?
"This physical, mental and technological growing invasion of privacy and surveillance dehumanizes us," he says. "The militarization of cyberspace must stop. If not, it's only a matter of time before we live in a Tectologic Orwellian Society."

23 June 2013      tag: typo,tech,graphic

The Windows of New York

Love this project! The Windows of New York project is a weekly illustrated fix for an obsession designer Jose Guizar had with windows in the streets of N.Y. that caught his restless eye out from the never-ending buzz of the city.
An ode to architecture and part a self-challenge for him to never stop looking up.

26 June 2013      tag: graphic,art

Ilkka Halso's nature rescue.

Came across this amazing work by Finnish artist Ilkka Halso. His work deals with man’s ambivalent relation to nature. In order to protect and restore the nature we have we need stronger means.
With his Museum of Nature project for instance he plans and constructs buildings which protects nature from the threats of pollution and, what is more important, from the actions of man himself.

1 July 2013      tag: art,photo

Missed chances in your social media strategy

Here is a handy article by Dutch site Frankwatching summing up 10 things that could go wrong when business and organizations dive into the possibilities that social media has to offer. A list of do's and don'ts and pitfalls you should be aware of when implementing a social media strategy.

5 July 2013      tag: web

22 Maps That Define America

Here's a look at 22 fascinating maps that show us some of the most interesting distinctions among Americans as well as other amazing features of this beautiful (and strange) country.

11 July 2013      tag: graphic

How to write the perfect post

What is the perfect status update looking like on Facebook, Twitter or Google+? It is more and more almost getting a science to construct the perfect post. Here is a nice infographic to give us some grip on the matter.

11 July 2013      tag: web

The future of computer interfaces

The past decades we have interacted with computers in exactly the same way: we point with a mouse (or a finger!), click, and watch the screen. For the past few years, the conversation around user interface design has been peppered with phrases like ‘The best design is invisible’ or 'The best interface is no interface at all'. The thinking was that as interfaces develop, they'll eventually disappear, leaving people gesturing in an empty room or thinking/speaking commands to 'Siri' like sensors. But will that be the case? Here's what's coming next according to this interesting Gizmodo article: Giving Physical Objects Digital Meaning.

20 July 2013      tag: web,ux&ui;

Parallax scrolling & responsive website

The studio just finished its first responsive website with a parallax scrolling effect. Take a look at this one-page website for RRT, a young company shaking up the sewer reparation bizz with a new and better way of repairing sewers.

1 August 2013      tag: studio,web

The inside of a golf ball?

Have you ever thought about what the inside of a golf ball looks like? Well appar­ently curios­ity got the best of pho­tog­ra­pher Jamers Friedman who sliced open a col­lec­tion of golf balls to pho­to­graph what he might find. In the most unlikely of places, he dis­cov­ered col­or­ful, beautiful and otherworldly cen­ters that feel almost like min­eral spec­i­mens. And the best part about this project James named, interior design, is that he doesn’t even play golf.

2 August 2013      tag: photo,art

First issues of 19 famous magazines

Mental Floss is showcasing the very first issues of 19 famous magazines. Some of the classic designs remain suprisingly modern while others, like the first Rolling Stone issue, have a clearly outdated design.

10 August 2013      tag: graphic

The entire history of the world in one single chart

Yes, for history buffs and infographics enthusiasts, it's the entire history of the world distilled in one single magnificent infographic chart. Created by John B. Sparks in 1931.
Read more about it in this Slate article.

John B. Sparks also made the equally beautiful Histomap of evolution.

13 August 2013      tag: graphic

Einstein in color and other historic black and white pictures brought to life

Most often the color palette that we associate with history is limited to black and white only. But have you ever imagined what people, their outfits and backgrounds looked like in real life – in color?
Here's a nice series of classic historical images brought to life by adding color, like this picture from Albert Einstein shot in the summer of 1939.
It is strange to notice how much more vivid and compelling the color pictures become compared to their black and white versions.

16 August 2013      tag: photo

A world map adjusted for the population size

If you were to re-draw the map of the world according to each country's population, you would get a warped world that looked like this. The map uses 1 grid square to represent 1 million people.

Some giant countries like Canada and Australia become tiny strips and dots while other giant countries like China and India predictably inflate and take over the map. You can also see how crowded some countries are, Japan is bigger than Mexico! Pakistan is as big as the whole Middle East!
But at least all these countries made it on the map, Iceland and Belize didn't even have enough people to show up.

23 August 2013      tag: graphic

Unfortunate but hilarious advertising placements

Advertising can be creative and even purposely funny. But sometimes, an ad on a bad place or in a unfortunate situation can have unexpected results!
Here are 23 most unfortunate advertising placements.

For those who want to dive deeper, Business Insider posted a round up of the most hilarious online ad placements ever.

26 August 2013      tag: graphic

A font made with light emitted from an iPhone

Designer Marcus Byrne of Melbourne, Australia created a 3D letter and font suite using the light from an iPhone.

Byrne created the Phone streak font in darkness by painting characters in the air with the light from the iPhone. He photographed the light streaks in 3.5 second exposures with a Canon 5D camera.

According to the artist’s page on Behance, the project started as an experiment on turning hand-waving gestures into a 3D object. Byrne decided to create a working font suite that he would give away for free.

28 August 2013      tag: typo,graphic

Futuristic graphic ping pong

Beat Match, a graduation project by David Rinman at the Forsbergs School of Design & Advertising in Stockholm, is an interactive surface that transforms table tennis into a collaborative audiovisual extravaganza.
With every bounce of the ball, the table takes on a new pattern. The geometric graphic shapes, supplied by an overhead projector, snap into place perfectly in-step with the action. But it’s not just the visuals that reflect the game play. The ball controls the soundtrack, too, with sensors triggering pre-cut snippets of electronic tracks every time it hits.

3 September 2013      tag: graphic,art

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