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Modern Love

If you never understood Modern Love, maybe this flowchart of the Bowie song Modern Love will help you out..

18 January 2016      tag:

Website for Merk-X interior design

Website made for Evelyne Merkx, one of the leading interior designers in Holland. She and her team have worked on numerous award winning projects like The Hermitage Amsterdam, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Selexyz bookstore in Maastricht (shown here), often cited as the most beautiful bookshop in the world.
The responsive website has parallax features in combination with a fullscreen slider.


22 December 2015      tag:

Darknet, the wild west of the internet?

Spread and illustrations made for 360 magazine about Darknet, the hidden side of internet. Some people call it 'the wild west of the internet', where you can buy drugs and guns. Others see it as the last frontier where you can be free from spying eyes like the NSA and big corporations hunting for your data.
It is a place where bitcoin shark, freedom sub and kalashnikov squid are still roaming free.

21 December 2015      tag:

Logo & website design for the Impact Academy

'A good documentary, seen by the right people, can change the world.'
The Impact Academy is an initiative, in co-operation with the Dutch documentary sector, to enhance the impact of documentaries.
I designed a logo, visual identity and a brand new responsive website for them.

15 December 2015      tag: studio

The Soviet erotic alphabet picture book from 1931

This surprising discovery from the vaults of Stalinism sheds new light on the supposedly sexually repressive communist society of the former Soviet Union. Yes, the commies loved sex, too.

The fascinating scans come from an alphabet picture book published around 1931, allegedly to fight widespread illiteracy across the vast Soviet territories. It was drawn by no less than Sergey Merkurov, the former people’s artist of the USSR and an academic at the Soviet Academy of Arts.

Could this book have been an inspiration for the famous Nude alphabet made in the eighties bij Dutch graphic designer Anthon Beeke?

Read more about this soviet picture book and see more pics at:

7 December 2015      tag: typo

Parool cover illustration of Spinoza

Frontpage and PS cover illustration of Dutch philosopher of Jewish Portuguese origin Spinoza for newspaper Het Parool.

2 December 2015      tag: studio

82 artists install 600 fake ads across paris to protest the COP21 climate conference

Organized by the Brandalism project, 600 posters were covertly distributed and hung within Paris just days before the start of the UN COP21 Climate Conference. The citywide action is meant to challenge the corporate takeover of the Paris climate talks, forming ads that target the link between corporations’ advertising with consumerism, global warming, and fossil fuel consumption.
Let's hope this will have some impact.

or the Brandalism website

1 December 2015      tag:

Mainline website

Design for a new responsive website for Stichting Mainline. Mainline is a Dutch based international platform dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of drug users.

The whole design traject started with a personas search and guide, a written representation of the website's intended users, prioritising features and functionality.
The extensive site is in Dutch and English, it is responsive and parts of it have a parallax scrolling effect.

15 September 2015      tag: studio,web,ux&ui;

Book cover design

Book cover design for 'De prijs van gelijkheid' for Prometheus Bert Bakker publishers.
This was a nice project, working in close co-operation with the author himself (economist Bas Jacobs) to get the 'money machine', the knobs and switches of the economy just right.

15 September 2015      tag: studio

Illustration for Amnesty

Illustration made for Amnesty international magazine 'Wordt Vervolgd'.
Article about a dissident Chinese blogger-writer and her troubles with authority and censorship.
Also used as a cover for a longread of this story by Fosfor publishers.

6 July 2015      tag: studio

Meet Henry; the most active sign painter in the Netherlands

Street sign painter Henry van de Horst is hot. Several magazines and newspapers published articles about him after two dutch designers made a website for Henry to honour his work. You can find his beautiful handwritten signs all around the country in streetmarkets.

Henry says that his love for writing and design started back in the days when he worked at a supermarket and as an additional job, he created their handwritten promotional signs. He continued to paint and write in this way because in his words, “the act of creation is just addictive.”

Check out his website
or his instagram page

23 June 2015      tag: typo

'Worse than a piece of crap?' Designers react to the Republican logo's

While more and more Republican candidates are anouncing their bids for the presidency, their new logo's are getting some mixed reviews.
Some kinda like the new Jeb! logo for it's simplicity but most reactions are less positive.
“It’s a piece of shit, and you can quote me on that,” says design critic Steven Heller, who has written dozens of books on everything from branding and typography to infographics and posters. He is hardly alone in being so critical, though famed typographer Chester Jenkins was a bit more gentle about it. “The logo isn’t bad as a graphic, but as a piece of typography, there are some problems,” he says.
Even more noticeable than the typeface in the logo is the huge exclamation point at the end. Moving Brands chief creative officer Jim Bull says he's not sure it works.

Stephen Doyle, of graphic-design firm Doyle Partners, had another take. "Jeb's logo demonstrates an alarmingly genuine surprise that he's running for president at all!" he says. "I wonder if the team, while exploring punctuation, had considered 'Jeb?'"

Marco Rubio's logo feels more modern and refreshing but the campaign logo perplexed design experts according to business insider. Most noticeable was that the America dotting the "i" in Rubio was missing Alaska and Hawaii. "The map feels like an afterthought," Karl Gude, a graphics professor at Michigan State University said. "He just lost the Alaska and Hawaii vote."

Debbie Millman, chair of the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, found the logo "fairly innocuous and fairly friendly," but she couldn't condone Rubio's use of a map to dot the "i."
"The teeny-tiny little map of America over the 'i' in Rubio makes me wonder what is more of a priority to this candidate: Marco Rubio or the residents of this country?" she said.

17 June 2015      tag: graphic

Blue Crime logo & album artwork

Logo and album design for Blue Crime, a new experimental four piece band from Amsterdam.
Sunday June 7th is the release of their first record on the Maduse MagiQ label.

4 June 2015      tag: studio

Last Words

Illustration made for Amnesty International magazine 'Wordt vervolgd'.
The article describes the process of the 'official' last words that prisoners on death parole have in Texas.
Those last words get recorded and are also published online.

1 June 2015      tag: studio

The great Hillary campaign logo controversy continues

Ofcourse the internet wasn't done yet with the new Hillary Clinton logo.
People keep on mocking the logo while coming up with different versions.
A guy named Paul Mauldin A.K.A The monkeysniffer made a redesign of the logo.
In fact a whole design competition for a redesign was organised.

Graphic designer Rick Wolff went as far as taking the time to build an entire typeface around the arrowed “H”. The typeface, named “Hillary Bold”, isn’t that amazing in itself, but you got to give him credit for pulling it out so quickly. The Washington Post reacted also very quickly and allowed its readers to write campaign slogans with that font.

Comparing modern campaign logos to resembling brand logos has become an Internet pastime before. Obama's "O" was compared with 'Pepsi', Romney's "R" with 'Aquafresh', Ted Cruz's flame was compared to a number of logos, including those of 'Al Jazeera' and 'the Onion' while Rand Paul's logo reminded people of 'Tinder'. But what separates Clinton's logo from these others is: it hasn't immediately been compared to other famous corporate brands, and never before has a campaign logo created so much controversy.

20 April 2015      tag: graphic

Everything that’s wrong with Hillary’s new logo, according to the internet

Hillary Clinton's campaign logo is already causing controversy, just minutes after Hillary Clinton's highly anticipated 2016 presidential-bid announcement dropped on Sunday, her campaign was already under public scrutiny. The reason was her campaign logo — which in Clinton's case came in the form of a big, bold letter "H" crossed through with a red arrow.
Internet and twitter freaked out and critics commented on everything, from the direction the arrow is pointing (to the right), to other logos it reminds them of, or that the logo is too Republican.
I must say that the designteam could and probably should have done a better job than what they've come up with now. But regardless of how the critics feel, though, they'll have to get used to seeing more of the logo, which will presumably accompany her into 2016. The former first lady, senator and secretary of state's campaign has only just begun.

14 April 2015      tag: web,graphic

Pixelart to the max!

These amazingly detailed pixeled Gif animations by Deepblue agency, a creative company from Hamburg, go a few steps further than the normal gif animations.

13 March 2015      tag:

Amazing attention stealing commercial

Just how attention stealing is the new Škoda Fabia? Put it to the test in this great ad.
It takes advantage of exactly the same principles that make optical illusions work: Our eyes and brain don't scan reality like a camera does. Instead, the brain interprets external inputs, building its own reality.
So sit back and watch.. will a crowd gather? Will other drivers slam on the brakes? Did you spot the monkey? Watch to find out.

4 March 2015      tag: web

The gorgeous typeface that sparked a 100-year mystery

Not often you encounter a story about a typeface that is as enchanting as this one.
A story about a type designer and printing press owner from London in the year 1916 who destroyed a tonne of metal printing type from his own famous typeface by throwing it night after night, bit by bit, in the River Thames. And a modern day designer who for years tried to hunt down the lost typeface and went through the painstaking process of recreating it.
Read the whole story at the Economist website
Visit the Doves twitterblog
or buy the revived typeface at Dovestype.

17 February 2015      tag: typo

Drowned cities. What cities would look like if the world's glaciers melted.

Jeffrey Linn, a Seattle urban planner, is using digital cartography to depict what some cities would look like if sea levels went up by 80 meters. For sea levels to rise this much, all the major ice caps and sheets would need to melt, which would send the water they store on land flowing into the world’s ocean. Then the New York sea or the London Bay would become a reality.

He points out that even in future climate scenarios where we do little or nothing to curb the worst impacts of global warming, that kind of flooding would probably take centuries to come about.

“I’m not trying to be a doomsayer,” Linn says. “The fascinating thing for me is the landforms, the islands, bays, and seas that emerge when you do this modeling.”

But our failure to act fast on climate change is accelerating the process. So if these visions of cities reduced to archipelagoes—or submerged completely underwater—get people thinking harder about climate change, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

15 February 2015      tag:

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