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What's going on?

Illustration for Parool Newspaper. Trying to make sense of the atmosphere in Europe in the light of the US election results. What is happening in the political landscape, do the media and politicians understand what's going on in peoples heads?

Sex Chemicals

Another Mainline magazine is out. This edition focuses on drug use and abuse regarding sex. Especially the gay scene uses all kinds of drugs and chemicals to enhance their sex life, but it does not come without consequences..

360 magazine cover and illustrations

360 magazine cover and illustrations for a series of articles concerning the failing elite, populism, globalisation and failed neoliberal policies.

Ego Tunnel Invitation

Invitation made for photographer and artist Michiel van Nieuwkerk, who is showcasing his first solo exhibition this oktober named Ego Tunnel.

Coverillustration for Amsterdam magazine

Coverillustration of the A'dam tower made for A-Mag / Amsterdam magazine.
Amsterdam becomes a beacon of sound with the newly opened A'dam tower overlooking the centre.


Illustration made for Parool newspaper for an article about the pros and cons of working on vacation. Workation trips can not only be a great incentive for employees but also an awesome way to improve team building. Yes, workation is amazing... or isn't it?

De Bonte Avond

Invitation for De Bonte Avond. De Bonte avond is a (un)regular cultural event in The Lloyd hotel. An evening where all kinds of artists, photographers, writers and musicians present their work or tell about something they're working on.

Mainline anniversary magazine

Mainline Magazine is celebrating its 25th birthday!
Mainline is a platform dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of drug users. 
I designed this special anniversary edition of the magazine containing a selection of photo's portraying the Dutch drug scene the past 25 years.

Ronald Snijders en normale mensen

Webdesign made for Normale Mensen (normal people), the website of stand up comedian Ronald Snijders. Had quite a good laugh while working on this assignment.


Fronterra, uniting people around food

Proud to have been able to make the logo and website for the Fronterra foundation.
Fronterra is an organization that aims to break down ethnic barriers and create common understanding through communal dinners.

In large parts in Europe, multi-ethnic communities live in a state of alienation. Ethnic divisions are amplified for political purposes, resulting in simmering tensions or outright conflict. People lose hope, retreat in apathy or leave.

Fronterra's mission is to help people bootstrap themselves out if this misery by pooling their capacity and by co-developing social business ventures.


Female detectives

Illustrations made for an article about female detectives and how their daily work compares to the TV crime series where female detectives star in leading roles.
Client: Het Parool

Logo & website design for the Impact Academy

'A good documentary, seen by the right people, can change the world.'
The Impact Academy is an initiative, in co-operation with the Dutch documentary sector, to enhance the impact of documentaries.
I designed a logo, visual identity and a brand new responsive website for them.

Parool cover illustration of Spinoza

Frontpage and PS cover illustration of Dutch philosopher of Jewish Portuguese origin Spinoza for newspaper Het Parool.

Mainline website

Design for a new responsive website for Stichting Mainline. Mainline is a Dutch based international platform dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of drug users.

The whole design traject started with a personas search and guide, a written representation of the website's intended users, prioritising features and functionality.
The extensive site is in Dutch and English, it is responsive and parts of it have a parallax scrolling effect.

Book cover design

Book cover design for 'De prijs van gelijkheid' for Prometheus Bert Bakker publishers.
This was a nice project, working in close co-operation with the author himself (economist Bas Jacobs) to get the 'money machine', the knobs and switches of the economy just right.

Illustration for Amnesty

Illustration made for Amnesty international magazine 'Wordt Vervolgd'.
Article about a dissident Chinese blogger-writer and her troubles with authority and censorship.
Also used as a cover for a longread of this story by Fosfor publishers.

Blue Crime logo & album artwork

Logo and album design for Blue Crime, a new experimental four piece band from Amsterdam.
Sunday June 7th is the release of their first record on the Maduse MagiQ label.

Last Words

Illustration made for Amnesty International magazine 'Wordt vervolgd'.
The article describes the process of the 'official' last words that prisoners on death parole have in Texas.
Those last words get recorded and are also published online.

Milkshake Vinyl for Go Back To The Zoo

Part of the artwork I made for the new 'Go Back To The Zoo' album Zoo: the single '(I just Wanna) Milkshake' in sweet fresh pink vinyl.

Lost & Found invitation

I designed the invitation for Lost & Found, an evening of stray images and sounds held in De Waag in Amsterdam.

The four coloured blocks in both triangles are all exactly the same size, but miraculously, the second triangle has an extra block of white space appearing out of nowhere. First lost, then found.

Parallax scrolling & responsive website

The studio just finished its first responsive website with a parallax scrolling effect. Take a look at this one-page website for RRT, a young company shaking up the sewer reparation bizz with a new and better way of repairing sewers.

Need a new website?

As our world becomes more and more digital and mobile-driven, interface design increasingly defines how we connect with people, brands and services.


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