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The Soviet erotic alphabet picture book from 1931

This surprising discovery from the vaults of Stalinism sheds new light on the supposedly sexually repressive communist society of the former Soviet Union. Yes, the commies loved sex, too.

The fascinating scans come from an alphabet picture book published around 1931, allegedly to fight widespread illiteracy across the vast Soviet territories. It was drawn by no less than Sergey Merkurov, the former people’s artist of the USSR and an academic at the Soviet Academy of Arts.

Could this book have been an inspiration for the famous Nude alphabet made in the eighties bij Dutch graphic designer Anthon Beeke?

Read more about this soviet picture book and see more pics at:

Meet Henry; the most active sign painter in the Netherlands

Street sign painter Henry van de Horst is hot. Several magazines and newspapers published articles about him after two dutch designers made a website for Henry to honour his work. You can find his beautiful handwritten signs all around the country in streetmarkets.

Henry says that his love for writing and design started back in the days when he worked at a supermarket and as an additional job, he created their handwritten promotional signs. He continued to paint and write in this way because in his words, “the act of creation is just addictive.”

Check out his website
or his instagram page

The gorgeous typeface that sparked a 100-year mystery

Not often you encounter a story about a typeface that is as enchanting as this one.
A story about a type designer and printing press owner from London in the year 1916 who destroyed a tonne of metal printing type from his own famous typeface by throwing it night after night, bit by bit, in the River Thames. And a modern day designer who for years tried to hunt down the lost typeface and went through the painstaking process of recreating it.
Read the whole story at the Economist website
Visit the Doves twitterblog
or buy the revived typeface at Dovestype.

A font made with light emitted from an iPhone

Designer Marcus Byrne of Melbourne, Australia created a 3D letter and font suite using the light from an iPhone.

Byrne created the Phone streak font in darkness by painting characters in the air with the light from the iPhone. He photographed the light streaks in 3.5 second exposures with a Canon 5D camera.

According to the artist’s page on Behance, the project started as an experiment on turning hand-waving gestures into a 3D object. Byrne decided to create a working font suite that he would give away for free.

Introducing a NSA-Proof Font

When governments and corporations are snooping through personal digital messages, it'd sure be nice if there was a font their dragnets couldn't decipher. Designer Sang Mun created ZZX, a disruptive typeface that would be unreadable by text scanning software used by the NSA. The font has six different font styles, each of which is "designed to thwart machine intelligences in a different way."

ZXX is a call to action, both practically and symbolically, to raise questions about privacy. But it represents a broader urgency: How can design be used politically and socially for the codification and de-codification of people’s thoughts?
"This physical, mental and technological growing invasion of privacy and surveillance dehumanizes us," he says. "The militarization of cyberspace must stop. If not, it's only a matter of time before we live in a Tectologic Orwellian Society."

How typeface influences the way we read and think. And why everyone hates Comic Sans.

Type design is something we tend not to think about when we're reading. But font choices can have real-world implications that affect our lives in tangible ways. The Week.com highlights some experiments that show the importance of font choice.

Behind the scenes of The Great Gatsby's typography

Fans of 3D movies are currently flocking to the cinema to see Baz Luhrmann's latest film The Great Gatsby. What caught the attention of the people of Creative bloq was the beautiful use of typography to bring the period feel to life.

Famous logos and their non-latin adaptations

Nice post from designer-daily about how well eight famous brands adapted their design when they had to switch to non-latin characters.

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As our world becomes more and more digital and mobile-driven, interface design increasingly defines how we connect with people, brands and services.


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