Illustrations & infographics

A brief overview of illustrational work and infographics the studio did the past few years. Some commissioned, some non-commissioned.

Mobile addiction. Client: Het Parool
Czar Putin. Client: Amnesty international
Housing crisis. Parool newspaper
Spinoza. Client: Het Parool
Workation. Client: Het Parool
New media generation. Client: Het Parool
Erdogan. Client: Amnesty international
Coverillustration for Amsterdam magazine
Female detectives. Client: Het Parool
Fear. Client: Amnesty international
Virtual Reality. Client: Het Parool
Last words of people on death row in Texas. Client: Amnesty international magazine Wordt Vervolgdt.
The deep web. Full page spread. Client: 360 magazine
Entrance. Client: Amnesty international
How China tries to keep control over its citizens and internet users. Client: Amnesty international
Male midlife Crisis. Client: Het Parool
Illustration for Das magazine
The robots are coming. Client: Het Parool
Dutch Elections. Coverillustration for Wordt Vervolgd. Client: Amnesty international
Folder. Client: Ncdo

Folder. Client: Ncdo

HumanRightsMaps. Client: Amnesty

Chop Wood artwork
Asielbeleid infographic. Client: Amnesty
The Global Drug Economy. Client: Mainline international

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