Website for a project about North Korea from photographer Eddo Hartmann
Website for director Andre Maat
Website for Merk-X architects
Website, identity and logo for TRID√ČE, sustainable mobility consulting
Website, logo and identity for Fronterra, a foundation for cultural and sustainable social development.
Webdesign for the Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF). Webdevelopment by Harm van de Ven
Responsive website & adaptive mobile compatible site for photographer Eddo Hartmann.
Website for Nuy van Noort Architects
Website for stand up comedian Ronald Snijders
Responsive website for the Impact Academy.
Responsive website for Stichting Verhalende Journalistiek. A yearly compilation of the best Dutch longreads.
Responsive website for Stichting Mainline
Website for 1 Augustus
Zeposto. A clear and simple responsive website
Frankl & Delaney, mobile focussed website
Webdesign and illustrations for Wilbert Kok, systeemtherapie & coaching.
Responsive, parallax scrolling one-page website for Nooit Voorbij
Breaking Ground, a platform showcasing the work of European film students and their films
Site promoting the book 'Here lives my home' by photographer Eddo Hartmann.

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