Eddo Hartmann is a renowned, all round photographer. One of the best in the business and great to work with. >
Michiel Hofmans
Image production and photoshop expert
Michiel is an expert in handling photographs and artworks, from analogue to digital, scanning and photoshopping his way to a perfect endproduct ready for print.
Gerben Schmidt
CMS expert
Gerben runs Blogbird.
A great, usable, versatile and affordable CMS system. >
Andre Maat
Andre loves to shoot creative ideas across all genres. He combines humor, colorful art direction and technical skills to make memorable films. >
Liedewij Loorbach
Freelance-journalist en copywriter
Liedewij has an eye for the future, green fingers and a sharp pen. She recently started her own magazine Nieuwezijds.
Mark owns Alsjeblaft, a webdevelopment studio building websites & applications.
He created Jack, a Php 5 framework with a user friendly CMS back-end.
Harm van de Ven
Creative coder
Harm is a interactive art director and creative coder working on all kinds of new media projects and websites. He is also part of the new media art collective 'Zesbaans'.
Menno Fokma
Direction for film and motion design
Menno uses film and 3d motion graphics to explore the borders of our imagination.
Kees Maas
Silkscreen printer
Kees Maas has its own silkscreen studio, Interbellum, printing limited edition artworks and posters. Quality prints in the good old fashioned way.
Adrien Jean Jean
Creative technologist
Adrien is specialized in tailor made solutions for websites, apps and installations. >
Sidney John Vollmer
Conceptual copywriter
Sidney writes stories. For commercials and theatre, columns, copy and filmscripts. His first novel “Everything smells like chocolate” was published in 2012.
Irus Duvekot
Portrait & fashion photography
Iris is shooting portraits, fashion photo's, street-scenes and bands and musicians in their environment.
Lotti Pronk
Photo editor and producer of publications
Lotti Pronk is a freelance photo editor and producer of photography projects and publications with an 'Arts and Cultural Policies' degree.
It is always great to work with Tuijtel and they're environmental friendly too. They are the first climate neutral certified printservice in The Netherlands.
Erik Winkler
Decorative crafts
Erik Winkler is specialized in decorative techniques. Gilded and silver-plated typography, painted window decoration, he does it all with hand made techniques.
Wouter Stoter
Wouter is a director and filmmaker specialized in music videos and commercials.
Drukkerij Terts
Ewout Schikker from Drukkerij Terts is a meticulous old fashioned printer with a fine eye for detail who loves the smell of fresh ink on beautiful paper.
Michiel van Nieuwkerk
Photographer & producer
Specialized in portrait photography, Michiel van Nieuwkerk is also a producer, filmmaker and interviewer.
Gert Hindriks
Cross media expert
Media expert Gert Hindriks has a background in journalism and has worked for the Vpro on all kinds of different media projects.
Nandine van Karnebeek
Producer & Editor in Chief
Nandine produces short films, organizes cultural events and develops concepts. Together with Nathalie Faber, she initiates De Bonte Avond at the Lloyd Hotel, a 'salon' with a broad variety of artists.
Lernert & Sander
Directors & artists
Two highly talented Dutch artists creating art films and installations with a colourful sense of humour.
Miriam Kater
Brand researcher
Mirjam has a sense for brands. Fusing qualitative brand research with audiovisual reporting.
Communication & strategy
Herrie loves to make noise, wether it is with finding solutions for social media campaigns or setting up communication strategies.
Robin Klaassen
Videoblogging entrepeneur
Robin makes content for the online sharing economy. His company Totalspiel Authority media builds authority for brands and people by making business videoblogs.
Privacy hosting provider
Greenhost offers ICT services with an ethical and sustainable approach, including web hosting, cloud services, and offerings in information security and privacy matters.
Titia Hahne
Titia's main body of work is shooting portraits of musicians, rockstars and bands. But she's also good in other kinds of portrait photography and documentary pictures.
3D printing
Katelijne a.k.a Robokat is specialized in 3d printing. From ideas to modelling objects to printing them in 3D.
Het is tijd voor helderheid
Brand strategy creation
If your company needs a new positioning and a more attractive story, these guys help you find it. Their methods mobilize support for the outcomethroughout your organization.
Persijn Broersen & Margit Luk√°cs
This distinct artist duo works in a wide variety of media. Most notably video, animation, photography, drawings and installations. 
Pieter van Adrichem
Cultural marketing expert
Pieter runs Cultuurplan, a marketing advice agency working for the cultural sector and entertainmentindustry focussing on social media and online strategies.
Greenshot films
This group of young filmmakers are making videos, documentaries and short films and merge it with an eco-friendly, sustainable mind-set.
Nicky Zwaan
Nicky is a conceptual artist making photos, videos and installations. Keywords: natural phenomena, light, reflections, rainbows, depth, biomimicry, mirrors, imagination.
Ernst Jan Pfauth
Internet entrepreneur
Ernst-Jan is a internet entrepreneur, a professional blogger, co-founder of brainsly, columnist and is now also working at start-up De Correspondent. Like! 
Erik Klarenbeek
Designer of the unusual
Industrial designer Eric Klarenbeek makes special products and does experimental projects. Crossing boundaries of media, crafts, interior and exterior.
Anne de Vries
Anne de Vries is an inventive artist using photography to produce canny, beautiful and often funny images playing with the thresholds of reality.
Ellen Bokkinga
Concepts, strategy, writing
If you can’t describe an idea, it doesn’t exist.

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