About the studio

Studio Odilo Girod is an Amsterdam-based multi- disciplinary graphic design and web-design studio with a passion for creating functional, playful, inspiring and engaging visual design concepts.

Work & clients

The past years it has been serving a wide range of clients, from small start-ups and businesses to cultural organizations and international NGO's, with work ranging from visual identities, logo’s, webdesign and bookcovers to magazines, illustrations, fontdesign, Vpro gids covers and album artwork for musicians and bands.

Graphic design

Branding, visual identities, logos, typography, advertisements, packaging, signage, campaign material, flyers, fontdesign and more.

Web & digital

Webdesign, interface design, UX & UI analysis.

Print & editorial

Posters, books, brochures, annual reports, magazines, cd-album artwork for musicians & bands.

Illustrations & infographics


Design strategy, concept development, UX & UI analysis.

Process: insight - ideas - creation

Good design solutions are built on strong understanding. Through creative insight and anchored by a tailored approach the studio is dedicated on creating more value for clients. Through personal attention and the highest design standards, it can create a tailor-made solution to fit your every need.


If needed the studio collaborates with a growing network of creative professionals; webdevelopers, photographers, writers and media specialists. By working like this the studio can take on bigger projects and deliver the highest quality in all parts of the project.

Eco friendly

Whenever possible the studio works with printservices that offer climate neutral printing and endorse sustainable forest management through forest certification.


As our world becomes ever more digital, and utilitarian driven, interface design increasingly defines how we connect with people, brands and services. Having an accessible, readable and up-to-date website is becoming more than a necessity nowadays.

The studio can build you a website that looks great and is easy-to-use! Whether it’s a basic single page website with a simple CMS or a full fledged responsive site.

See what we can do for you when you are confronted with the digital jungle out there

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