An overview of illustrational work and infographics the studio did the past few years.

Mobile addiction. Client: Het Parool
Czar Putin. Client: Amnesty international
Workation. Client: Het Parool
The housing crisis. Client: Het Parool
Anti-racism education. Het Parool
EU parlement. Client: Amnesty international
Orban. Fighting Corona, destroying democracy. Client: Amnesty International
Spinoza. Client: Het Parool
New media generation. Client: Het Parool
Female detectives. Client: Het Parool
Fear. Client: Amnesty international
Internet censorship in China. Client: Amnesty international
Erdogan. Client: Amnesty international
Mainline magazine Rookspecial
The Dark Web. Client: 360 magazine
Entrance. Client: Amnesty international
Coverillustration for Amsterdam magazine
The Male midlife Crisis. Client: Het Parool
Last words of people on death row in Texas. Client: Amnesty international magazine Wordt Vervolgdt.
Syrian New Waves, Client: Eye Filmmuseum
The EU parlement factions explained. Client: Amnesty international
Virtual Reality. Client: Het Parool
The Robots Are Coming. Client: Het Parool